Sunday, July 26, 2009

Maryland Home Owner Installs Home Wind Turbine

Maryland Couple Installs Wind Turbine in Backyard

SWAN POINT, Md. - While some people are finding it hard to pay their electric bills, one Maryland couple is taking action to reduce their power bill by installing a wind turbine in their own backyard.

After months and months of trying to get permits from the county and the electric company, Ken Robinson and Sheryl Elliot finally got to see their hard work pay off and they are now taking control of their home's energy needs.

For years, Robinson and Elliott have looked for ways to use more renewable energy in and around their southern Maryland home. "We became educated on energy and alternative energy and we get so much wind here we thought this might be an ideal location for a wind turbine," said Robinson

After months of research, planning and paperwork, the new energy source is now in place. The 170 pound turbine sits 600 feet from the couple's home on the edge of their property near the water, directly across the bay from the county power plant.

While reducing pollution, the turbine is designed to convert wind into clean energy and generate enough power to run anything in the home. "We are anticipating a 40 percent reduction basically going from $0.14 cents to $0.07," said Elliot.

"I also expect during the winter months we will have tremendous savings possibly producing more energy than we can use in which case we will basically be providing energy to the grid and then getting a credit on our electric bill," said Robinson.

Carlos Fernandez installed the turbine and says the couple's home is one of the most optimal places for the wind generator. "I came out here and as beautiful as it is, it comes out in to the water with no obstructions to the wind especially the typical wind that comes from the west in the area," said Fernandez.

The couple hopes their turbine will serve as an example to others throughout Maryland to help make it a greener, cleaner state. "We thought if we went first, we thought we would help pave the way so others who follow it will be easier for," said Elliot.

"It's still a surreal feeling to actually know there is an active wind turbine because its been a dream of ours for years," said Robinson.

The new turbine already has some in the community looking to follow suit. The couple says one of their neighbors is hoping to install a smaller, experimental turbine on their dock soon.

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