Sunday, July 5, 2009

Some Turbines Are More Equal Than Others

3 Blades Good, 30 Blades Bad?

All wind turbines are equal, but some turbines are MORE EQUAL than others?

From Maryland Small Wind Energy Systems
Image Credit: Chuck Coker

Why is it the only images you see of wind energy are huge 3 bladed monsters?
Why did the farmers of the 19th and 20th century use MULTI bladed wind turbines?

Why are most images of wind energy systems using propeller like airfoil blades... when the data suggests 45° blades are far more efficient?

From Maryland Small Wind Energy Systems

Which group of corporations stand to benefit if wind energy was less efficient?

From Maryland Small Wind Energy Systems

Small Wind Energy Systems
From this graphic it would seem Eastern Maryland is the most likely place to construct Wind Energy Systems.
The large 3 blade wind turbines could harm birds, smaller 30 bladed small wind energy systems seem a better solution (not to mention they cost a whole lot less)


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