Thursday, July 16, 2009

Aggressively Capture Wind to Generate Electricity for Farms

Low Wind Speed Startup Wind Powered Generator

Frederick Maryland wind generator developer makes interesting argument re: large vs smaller, potentially much more efficient multi blade wind powered generators:

Our calculations show that our 14' diameter low wind speed startup Wind Powered Generator blades create 4.068 Newton meters (3.000 ft lbs) of torque on the center shaft at 1 mile per hour (0.44704 meter/second) open air wind speed. Since 1 mph is the lowest that we are reporting, then if 3 ft lbs of torque is enough to start turning the blades, that is a 1 mph startup speed (0.44704 m/s startup speed). But, to be conservative in our estimates we say "less than" 5 mph startup speed (2.23 m/s startup speed). We reiterate: 5 mph startup speed (2.23 m/s startup speed). That is just the calculated torque from the blades in open air wind. 5 mph startup speed (2.23 m/s startup speed). It does not include degradation due to any icing on the unit if there is an ice storm or a freezing-rain storm, or other factors, etc. Under different conditions, it will take different amounts of torque to start turning the blades. The following graph helps with understanding the calculated torque for the wind speeds.

Remember this is NOT some silly three bladed "airfoil lifting" wind turbine.

This design uses a lot of big wide blades. We wrote the definition of a Wind Powered Generator as we build them. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!

Tired of spending all that money on horrendous electric bills?
Want to produce at least some of your own electricity?

Generate at least part of your electricity with your own low wind speed startup Wind Powered Generator from us.

Tired of those silly 3 bladed "airfoil lift" turbines?
Want your wind-to-energy production to startup at less than hurricane wind speeds?

Our low wind speed startup Wind Powered Generators are specifically designed for low wind speed startups (less than 5 mph).

Tired of not knowing how a wind energy source works?
Want to know of some real life examples of some differences in them?

Read our references to physics and NASA data and decide for yourself. We did and we created a new definition for our own manufacturing processes: A Wind Powered Generator definition. Read and know. Low wind speed startup Wind Powered Generators are (for our manufacturing) defined by us alone. We do not use 3 silly aerofoil-lifting blades. We use many big wide blades with our own definition of a Wind Powered Generator.

Low wind speed startup.
You found the place to buy your Wind Powered Generator. Right here.
Does NOT use 3 silly airfoils.

Listed wattage is estimated only. Towers are seperate and are not included in this price. The wind may blow or it may not, we do not control that.

Low wind speed startup.
Remember, ours is DESIGNED for low wind speed startup.

At different wind speeds, the torque on the blades creates different wattages. At high wind speeds, the listed wattages can be double what they show here.

Please look at our page "An Introduction to Wind Loads" to see the very high turning forces on these blades.

Why is it most of the Wind Turbines one sees are the gigantic 3 bladed monstrosities?

Did you know there were smaller, possibly more efficient alternatives?

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